Manage clients, not admin workflows.

No matter the size of your team, Cuppa helps businesses prioritize client satisfaction and reduce churn with seamless client & project management.

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Client Journeys

Streamline onboarding with milestones and real-time updates. Clients can securely submit confidential info, with easy setup and team access.

AI Coming Soon

At the heart of Cuppa are activities: organized spaces for managing clients. Harness AI to minimize admin tasks and provide managers with clear snapshots of projects & client progress, freeing up more time for valuable client interactions.

Track Metrics

What matters, and what's missing? Analyze how clients interact with Journeys and communicate with the team, so you can identify at-risk clients and upsell opportunities.

Core Features

Accomplish more with Cuppa

No matter how big or small you are, Cuppa helps you streamline your team's workflow, so you can give every client the VIP treatment — and a great first impression.

Share Inboxes

Make it easy for teams to view and manage emails collectively.


Bring all your tools together and streamline your workflow.

Manage Clients

Work around your relationships and keep team constantly in the loop.

Automated Workflow

Create rule and automatically loop in the right team members based on active playbook and touchpoints.


Track key KPIs - from response time, tag percentages, team performance and more.


Give your clients the visibility they need when engaging with your projects. Enhance their confidence and boost repeat business.

Big or Small

Made for teams of all sizes

Streamline your operations and deliver excellent client satisfaction every step of the way.

Head of Operations

Mark is constantly looking to improve and enhance his team’s workflows to reduce admin time. By using AI with Cuppa, Mark and his managers were able to get weekly snapshots of project progress without the need for team members to waste precious time on task updates and logging. This gave the team more time to focus on strategic work and client interactions.

Head of

Lewis is always striving to improve and streamline his team’s workflow for handling confidential information. With Cuppa, Lewis and his team can allow clients to add confidential data through Journeys, keeping it encrypted and accessible only to relevant team members. This ensures compliance and simplifies processes without the need for complex setups.

Head of Client Success

Amanda is dedicated to identifying opportunities for upsells and spotting clients at risk of churning. With Cuppa, Amanda and her team can easily analyze metrics to spot trends, allowing them to proactively address client needs and capitalize on upsell opportunities. This ensures a more strategic approach to client success and retention.

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What is Cuppa?

Cuppa is a streamlined platform for managing clients and projects, no matter the size of your team. It’s where you can track every step of the client journey, manage milestones effectively, and keep everyone updated in real time. With Cuppa, your teams can collaborate seamlessly from start to finish, ensuring every client gets VIP treatment and a great first impression.

How does Cuppa work?

Cuppa is the ultimate platform for streamlining client and project management, designed to help teams of all sizes achieve seamless collaboration and exceptional results. With Cuppa, you can easily onboard new clients, visualize their journey, and manage project milestones efficiently. Real-time updates keep both your team and clients informed, reducing the need for constant back-and-forth communication. By integrating communication and task management tools, Cuppa ensures that your team can work together effortlessly from onboarding to project completion.