The CRM that adapts to you.

Cuppa is a modern CRM that's powerfully flexible. Create databases and workflows that fit your needs. Cuppa's streamlined design is built for speed and efficiency — helping high performing teams accomplish great things.

The flexibility teams need
Built to adapt to teams

With Cuppa, you get the kind of experience you’d expect from a professional tool. Everything is synchronized in real-time across your entire organization - the best part? It adapts to each team's unique workflow.

Stay focused

Cuppa is light, fast, and distraction-free.

Built for speed

No page loads. Instant search. Realtime sync.

Dark mode

Light or dark, your choice.

Command Bar

Love keyboard shortcuts? Control everything from your fingertips.


Stay on top of everything with smart tasks.

Offline support

Access and make changes with or without internet access.

Stay organized. Think more clearly. Reach your goals.

Databases that fit your work-style

Your team has it own unique process and your tools should fit you. With Cuppa, you can create databases that work for you and your team. Store data that is relevant to you and increase your efficiency.

Keep your team flowing

Every team has a unique rhythm in managing customer interactions, and the tools used should seamlessly align with it. With Cuppa, effortlessly craft flows tailored to your team's preferences and work style. Coordinate records, handle customer engagements, and streamline processes to elevate efficiency and harmonize with your team's dynamic pace.

Link related data

Easily link related data by connecting one record to another, like pairing a person with their company. These linked records pop up as expandable cards, letting you uncover related information with a simple click or tap. This seamless connection empowers teams to swiftly access the information they need, streamlining workflows and turbocharging efficiency effortlessly.

Bring clarity to your team.

With one tool, everyone sees the whole picture — oh, and it's all real time.

Try it now!

It’s free, and it works across many devices.


What is Cuppa?

Cuppa is a modern CRM that focuses on helping high performing teams accomplish great things.

How does Cuppa work?

Cuppa lets you and your team create customised Databases and Flows to help you manage client relationships and deals. Store endless records and keep your organisation humming along smoothly.

What is a CRM?

A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management system, is a software tool that helps businesses manage and track their interactions with customers and prospects. It organizes contact information, sales activities, and other relevant details to help companies build better relationships and drive growth.

Do I need a CRM?

A CRM is essential for managing your customer interactions and improving your sales process. It helps you organize customer information, track sales opportunities, and analyze customer interactions. By centralizing this information, a CRM enables you to build stronger customer relationships, identify sales opportunities more effectively, and streamline your business processes, ultimately leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

What makes Cuppa unique?

What sets Cuppa apart is our commitment to speed and simplicity. We've designed our CRM to be fast and user-friendly, recognizing that in today's fast-paced business world, these are essential attributes. By focusing on these two pillars, Cuppa delivers a CRM experience that effortlessly integrates with your team's workflow, enabling you to manage customer relationships and sales processes more efficiently. Experience the Cuppa difference and see how our approach to CRM can transform the way you work.

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